Unforgettable Tribute to Healthcare Professionals Dealing with Grief, and Global Pandemic

Author: Johnson, Simeon


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ISBN: 9781955177092
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About the Author:

Prolific author Simeon W. Johnson is a successful entrepreneur with a book and gift boutique: swjenterprises.com. A former radio and television electronics technician, Mr. Johnson has worked as a welder, a shipbuilder, and a housing inspector. He received a master’s certification in radio and TV electronics from National Technical Schools, Los Angeles, CA. He also earned his FCC First Class General Radio and Telephone License, with a specialization in radar applications. THE EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN & FIRST RESPONDERS It is usual for the first responders to answer the call of duty with alacrity, in times of crisis, to save lives amid this GLOBAL PANDEMIC, which the world has not seen before. The emergency medical technician (EMT) and first responders need our support, unlike no other time, as we observed their selfless dedication in action, saving lives in the line of duty: Day by day, they risked their lives to save the sick and dying, knowing that they too could quickly become a casualty of the COVID-19 Virus.

About the Book: 

We will never forget the pain & loss of past and present experiences. In a time of depression, grief, and loss.

We give tributes to The First Responders and all essential workers for their invaluable service and tireless dedication to the public at large, saving lives and offering grief counseling to grieving families and loved ones so in need of a support system at this time. Just as we overcame all Pandemic in the pass: This too shall pass. In this book, you’ll find a plethora of helpful information on how to deal with rejection and depression. Here you will find numerous examples of successful men and women who have been a trailblazer of past and current success stories. Myself included. Mr. Johnson started, from the nascence of his humble beginning to a successful investor and author of four incredible books, generating Media Buzz with Big Screen Movie in production.


EBook, Softcover

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