Doin’ It

Author: Southern, Jo-Anne


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Format: EBook
ISBN: 9781953397966
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781953397959

YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / General

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About the Author:

Jo-Anne was an entertainer for many years and worked as both Diamond Lil and The Pearly Queen for the Skyline hotels. She then worked as a headline vocalist for the Holiday Inns. Deciding to leave the business, she worked as vice president of an energy conservation company. Throughout this time she always wrote fiction, though was always keenly interested in history.

About the Book: 

After running away from home she finds herself living on the streets and becomes a prostitute. Realizing she is in trouble, she returns home to a mother who does not care and a father who is usually absent. She goes to her grandmother who takes her in. From then on she turns her life around. starts a business and meets the man she will marry in the future.


EBook, Softcover

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